A Democrat’s perspective on Congressman Allen West being selected as Mitt Romney’s Vice President

Comment by Jim Campbell

Written by an individual who voted for Obama, he is apparently no fan of any of Mitt Romney’s potential VP selections.  Obviously a progressive sycophant to the further destruction of the United States, his comments must be taken in that light.

Allen West- U.S. Representative, Florida’s 22nd District, candidate for Florida’s 18th District.
Another way of saying it and more to the point is when have you heard any progressive make sense on virtually any issue.  Conclusion, Democrats are scared to death of a West nomination.  Being a black patriot, they would have to kiss their beloved “Race Card” goodbye.

A great deal said about Congressman West may be considered true, while progressives observation call them negatives, many on the right consider Congressman West as part of the solution to the beginnings of a new Republican Party.  Make no mistake about it, the “Good old Boys” in the Republican Party who love the status quo are equally afraid of the future leader of their party.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The MoyerBoard

Allen West, a former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and current Representative of Florida’s 22nd district, has been endorsed for Romney’s VP slot by a couple of prominent Conservative pundits, such as Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. But his chances of actually being chosen for the VP vacancy are slim to none.

Sure, certain elements of the Tea Party love him for his outspokenness and his military service. But those two qualities alone don’t make him Vice Presidential material.

Hell, he isn’t even below-average Congressional material. And that’s saying something. See complete article below

West is the perfect fusion of A Few Good Men’s Colonel Nathan Jessup and former U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy. He is a deeply paranoid and overly enraged man who sees everybody who disagrees with him as subversives hell-bent on replacing American Democracy with some sort of Communist/Sharia unity government. He has falsely accused 80 House Democrats of being closeted Marxists, and just recently alleged that President Obama wants to make the American people “his slave”. His military career also includes an incident in which he violated the army’s Uniform Code of Military Justice by using inappropriate methods to interrogate a prisoner in Iraq.

If Romney wants to watch his campaign crash and burn in an embarrassing manner, he should by all means choose the ticking time bomb that is West for his VP position. But he almost certainly won’t. West’s fiery AM radio shtick has no place in Congress, and it certainly has no place in the second highest office in the land.


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2 Responses to A Democrat’s perspective on Congressman Allen West being selected as Mitt Romney’s Vice President

  1. cat merlino says:

    I hate to break it to you but Allen West’s “accusations” of 80 House Democrats being Marxists are NOT accusations – they ARE. Socialists at best. While it is true that Democrats are scared to death of Allen West, because he doesnt believe in handouts and freebies, the Marxist / Socialist agenda and the dangerous policies of this admin, sometimes they have to suck it up.and put their big boy panties on. The Conservatives of this country WILL save our Republic.

    • dancingczars says:

      Cat, thanks for your comments at my new site for Allen West, I’m writing for him now, I appreciate your comments I’m Jim

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