Imagine being a member of the United States Military with Barack Hussein Obama as your Commander-in-Chief

By Jim Campbell

Allen West on combat

There is a new Obama fan who just left town.  That would be British Prime  Minister, David Cameron.

Imagine this if you will, you are a soldier or Marine out in some God forsaken hell hole where an administration with absolutely no foreign policy sent you.

Then, news reaches you that the Secretary of State, Leon Panetta has just ordered the US Marines at the base he visited to have their weapons taken from them. That’s right, a 400 man contingent of Marines has never experienced that in its long valiant history.

But think about it, one month before Panetta announced cuts in the Marine Corps to the tune of 20,000 warriors.


AP File Photo

Like those Marines who he disgraced by stripping them of their weapons,  you sit in the middle of nowhere wishing you could be home with your family and friends but receive this visual of your President and the Prime Minister, living large on the tax payers dime watching some NCAA Basketball.

Congressman Allen West also had this to say about the situation.

Having served in several combat zones I know the proper procedure and it is called clearing your weapon…
by Congressman Allen West ( Readers must have a face book account to view the post below.)

Having served in several combat zones, I know the proper procedure and it is called clearing your weapon. No one should ever be separated from their individual weapon in a combat zone, ever!

The routine practice is to eject the ammunition magazine, place in your thigh cargo pocket, and clear the chamber of ammunition. This is inspected by first line supervisor or battle buddy. This is a regular standard for entering combat zone mess halls and common areas. If the Secretary of Defense cannot trust the Men and Women sent into combat, then perhaps he should not send them or not be the Secretary of Defense.

Complete article below.

However, this is not surprising since graduating Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy were told they could not have their ceremonial swords, due to President Obama addressing them. This happened in 2009…it was the first time ever in the history of the US Naval Academy.

Meanwhile you are on constant alert and rarely sleeping.  You begin to wonder, has the world gone mad? Nope you say, but the current administration certainly has and we have known it since the day he was illegally sworn into office.

So after 4 tours of duty and a metal plate in your head from a combat injury, knowing you have been told you are likely to be serving another tour, you say enough, you walk away from your unit to a village and kill as many innocent civilians as possible.

Is that so difficult to understand?  Perhaps the soldier was suffering from PTSD and saw the villagers as members of a corrupt rudderless administration that sent him there. After all, Obama is into bowing, apologizing for the exceptionalism of America and kissing as many butts as possible.  Who are the real war criminals in this situation? Remember, it happened on Obama’s watch, but maybe there is still time to blame Bush.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.


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