‘True Racism’: Allen West Calls Out Liberals Who Think Black Conservatives Need ‘Approval’ From Their ‘Masters’

Comment by Jim Campbell

Allen West nails Obama and his minions for their attempts to create more dependency using race when possible to insure more people are beholden to the federal government in exchange for their votes.

Congressman Allen West fears no man and will bow to no one.  As he says in the video, ” As my parents taught me, a many that won’t stand up for something will fall for anything.”

Allen West future in higher levels of government is assured following the November elections.

Allen West: True Racism Lies With Liberals Who Think Black Conservatives Need Approval From Their Masters | Fox News Interviews With Huckabee, BriggsWest calmly responded, with analysis on who the real “racists” are in politics:

Congressman Allen West (R-FL) made a number of notable media appearances over the weekend, and is receiving both praise and condemnation for his comments, depending on your source.

On Fox News with Mike Huckabee, West responded to a recent L.A. Times article that said America’s “dirtiest job” is “justifying Allen West.”

“I really feel that it is [demeaning] to me to think that I need some individual to ‘justify’ me and my existence.

“Look, I went through 22 years being in the military.  [I rose] to the rank of Lt. Colonel.  I have a bachelor‘s degree and 2 master’s degrees, and for these white liberals to believe they can have this condescending manner toward black conservatives, that we need to have approval from our quote unquote, I guess “masters,” for us to be able to speak — see that’s where the true racism really liesis with the white liberals who don’t want to see someone such as myself, that broke away from their dependency class, and is out here and able to possibly contend against them with the policies that they are promoting that is destroying the black community.

“I know I’m their #1 target, and it just emboldens me to speak out even stronger.  And the heck with them if they think that someone else needs to approve [of] me and what I stand for.” [Emphasis added]  (Complete Article Below)

On another Fox News appearance, West reiterated that Obama has gone from “hope and change” to a more divisive and “envious” rhetoric where the administration is trying to separate Americans along gender lines, sexual orientation, and income level.

West also remarked that he does not regret his choice of words at a recent fundraiser, where he reportedly said that Obama doesn’t want people to have the self-esteem of getting up and earning the title of “American.”

“He’d rather have you be his slave and be economically dependent upon him,” West explained.


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One Response to ‘True Racism’: Allen West Calls Out Liberals Who Think Black Conservatives Need ‘Approval’ From Their ‘Masters’

  1. Allen West is a true American, gentleman, and brave patriot. My dream is for Romney to be elected and put this smart, confident, experienced man in as Secretary of Defense. This along with Trump as Sec of Commerce, Condoleeza Rice as Vice President and Mr. Rubio as Sec. of State would make an A-number 1 team.

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