Vote for West, other conservatives can help improve nation

The T.C. Palm

Jeff Krauskopf,  Mayor, Stuart Florida

Letter: Vote for West, other conservatives can help improve nation

I’ve met with Congressman Allen West four times since the redistricting process began and I am convinced he stands on principle and will not dilute our individual freedoms by being in a hurry to “work across the aisle.”

Allen West and Joyce Kaufman, Conservative radio talk show host, at Congressional Black Caucus meeting

Please read William I. Federer’s “America’s God and Country,” wherein our Founding Fathers describe the crafting of our Constitution.

Peter D. Schiff frustratingly describes how far away from these founding principles we have drifted in his book “The Real Crash, America’s Coming Bankruptcy.”

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama rammed Obamacare through and took more freedoms away, paying for it with increased taxes. There was NO bipartisanship involved in crafting that legislation; many representatives admitted they didn’t even read the bill.

We have gone from the Land of Opportunity to the Land of Guarantees.

I pray that when the primary and general elections are over we have elected Congressman West along with many other conservatives who will defund, rewrite or overturn not only 0bamacare, but also the rest of the erosions of our personal freedoms.

Please join me in voting early for Congressman Allen West.

Jeff Krauskopf


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