FL-18: Rep. Allen West (R) vs. Patrick Murphy (D)

Comment by Jim Campbell

Here are the fact dear readers.  The title of the article may as well have been called “The self made man vs. Daddy’s boy.

Patrick Murphy,  is an environmental services executive, just what the country needs more failed green energy projects.

Allen West, is a patriot, a war hero, a U.S. Congressman, a strict conservative, an unquestioned leader being challenged by Patrick Murphy whose daddy funded the attack ads with Allen West punching a woman in the wring. 

Check out his site, he does what every lying democrat does in an attempt to win he runs as a stealth Republican.  LOL

Keep it up and there is little doubt who will be lying on the canvas on November 6th. 

With an unbelievable talent to raise funds, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is a charismatic straight shooter with 22 years of service in the United State Army. In Congress, West has become a champion of protecting the rights of small business owners, voting for 27 different bills to empower them.

Democrats have unsuccessfully tried to demonize West and it has only backfired, raising his profile and expanding his grassroots support. A man of the people, Allen West is fearless and ready to fight the establishment in order to do what is right by his coastal Florida constituents.

There are many reasons why 29-year-old Patrick Erin Murphy is not seen as a credible challenger. Already Murphy has called West, who is a decorated combat veteran, a coward. Murphy was also arrested after verbally assaulting a law enforcement officer.

On the campaign trail Murphy has shown he’s nothing more than a parrot for national Democrats reciting tired talking points and not providing any individual, unique solutions. Murphy’s support for President Obama’s $716 billion in cuts to Medicare will be an anchor that ultimately weighs down his campaign.

District Facts: PVI R+1, McCain 48.1 %, Bush 50.53 %, This district includes Port St. Lucie and Jupiter of Florida’s Treasure Coast. The Cook Political Report rates this race as a Toss Up. The Rothenberg Political Report rates this race as a Toss Up/Tilt Republican. Allen West’s war chest is loaded with $3,732,019 COH while Patrick Murphy has less than half that amount with $1,287,887 COH.


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