DNC FACT CHECK: Congressman Allen West Falsely Claims To Be Protecting Seniors

Comment by Jim Campbell

Paying any attention to the DNC’s fact checking makes about as much sense as going to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for information on The Holocaust.  

So here are the facts in 100 words.

1. No one over the age of 55 would be affected in any way.

2. Traditional Medicare fee-for-service would remain available for all. “Premium support”—that is, government funding of private insurance plans chosen by individuals—is an option for those who choose it. No senior would be forced out of the traditional Medicare program against his will.

3. Overall funding for Medicare under the Ryan-Wyden plan is scheduled to grow at the same rate as under President Obama’s proposals. Is this “gutting Medicare” and “ending Medicare as we know it”? In reality, it’s the market giving seniors cheaper, higher quality choices they can take if they wish, with the traditional program remaining an option.

In a new television ad, Congressman Allen West (FL-18) today falsely claimed to be protecting seniors and claimed that his opponent, Patrick Murphy, would cut Medicare benefits.

The truth is that Congressman West is the one who voted for the Ryan budgets that ends Medicare and raises health care costs for seniors by $6,400 according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, while giving a $265,000 tax break to millionaires.

The reality is that Congressman West supported the same savings from insurance company subsidies, waste and fraud that he is now attacking Murphy for.

Using smoke and mirrors Mr. Murphy?

The reality is that Congressman Allen West his priorities and his facts straight.  He knows that this is an issue that must be dealt with soon.

Unlike your party which made the decision to do nothing about it when they controlled both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. 

Conservative Republicans like Allen West, see a problem and work toward fixing it, unlike yourself Mr. Murphy and your progressive counterparts you are hoping to join, they appear to be about lip service and kicking the can down the road. 

Both Factcheck.org and Politifact have found these savings would not impact Medicare benefits for seniors at all. One can’t be taken seriously that uses either of the above as sources. 

Factcheck.org, run from the Annenberg Center in Chicago has been shown time and again to have a leftward tilt to their decisions.

Bloomberg News reported this week that ‘Ryan’s budget bill also would end traditional Medicare.’ The Miami Herald even said that ‘Ryan’s plan would likely cost future seniors more in out-of-pocket expenses due to the way it calls for a voucher-like premium-support system.’


Bloomberg: The Affordable Care Act Does Not Cut Medicare Benefits. “The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that Obama pushed for doesn’t cut Medicare; it simply reduces projected future increases in costs by $700 billion over 10 years.” [Bloomberg, 8/13/12 Look mom no hands we can just pull things out of thin air.

PolitiFact: The Affordable Care Act Does Not Cut Current Medicare Benefits.

As PolitFact noted, “The bill doesn’t take money out of the current Medicare budget but, rather, it attempts to slow the program’s future growth, curtailing just over $500 billion in anticipated spending increases over the next 10 years.” [PolitiFact.com, 9/12/11]

So we aren’t going to do anything now to harm our chances for election we will just act like the problem doesn’t exist by curtailing spending increases over ten years of an anticipated $500 billion.  Complete nonsense and double speak.

FactCheck.Org: The Affordable Care Act Does Not Cut Current Medicare Benefits. FactCheck.org has written “time and again” how “misleading” the charge is. “The law calls for $555 billion in cuts in future growth of the program – over 10 years. The total projected cost of Medicare over that time, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, is $7.1 trillion, even with the cuts.” [FactCheck.org, 9/17/10]

As Ronald Reagan would have said, there you go again…..

Congressman Allen West Voted to End Traditional Medicare. “Ryan’s budget bill also would end traditional Medicare by capping spending and offer vouchers to buy private insurance.” [Bloomberg, 8/13/12]

Of course you would do nothing Mr. Murphy assuring its eventual implosion.

Congressman Ryan is taking his mother out with him to discuss saving Medicare. Congressman Allen West would do the same with his dearly departed mother, Elizabeth if it were possible.

They know  they are doing what is right for current and future Medicare recipients.

Would you be willing to take your mom with you Mr. Murphy as you spew your disingenuous words?  I don’t think so.


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