Allen West Confronts Democrat Opponent’s Hypocrisy

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Bullying and name calling has no place in the playground and in Congress.

That’s Democrat candidate for Congress Patrick Murphy posing as a playground cop in his latest campaign video that distastefully uses children as props while attempting to convince its viewers that only he who can protect them from the alleged “bully” in the neighborhood, Congressmen Allen West.

The video features children repeating some of the quotes that West directed towards Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the floor of the House of Representatives as well as Democrats in general.

By Javier Manjarres

First and foremost, it’s shameful for Murphy to exploit kids in such a manner to further his campaign. Not only are the children who were used in Murphy’s video not understanding of the fact that politics isn’t always “beanbag”, it’s totally lost on most adults as well that it’s oftentimes imperative for honorable men such as West to call out those who are the practitioners of uncivil behavior in Congress (as was Wasserman Schultz) as well as those who are willing surrogates who are intent on furthering the radical Obama agenda, as is Murphy.

But this kind of desperate attention-grabbing attack ad seems to be Murphy’s calling card. A few weeks back, a SuperPAC financed by Murphy’s own father put out a similarly ignorant race-bating ad that depicted a caricature of West punching white women.

How funny it is that Patrick Murphy conveniently forgets his own repeatedly episodes of “name-calling” during this campaign?

Murphy initially went on the attack by referring to West a “coward” because of West’s decision to run for re-election to Congress in the newly drawn 18th congressional district rather than in the newly drawn 23rd congressional district. But then Murphy hypocritically decided to abandon his own contested primary against former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel to follow West to congressional district 18.

During a a recent sit-down interview with the Huffington Post, Murphy said the following about West-

“His extremism and radicalism and the hatred he preaches — my gosh, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, I mean, this is what’s killing the country right here. This is totally unbecoming of a leader.” – Patrick Murphy

Then Murphy said this-

“I’m not going to stand by while right-wing extremists like Allen West divide us.”- Patrick Murphy (Sun-Sentinel)

I asked Congressman West about his alleged incivility during a blogger call held by his campaign-

They don’t hold themselves to any kind of standards, they just want to throw out the empty rhetoric and barbs themselves. That’s fully what I expect from them the ‘extremist the radical,’ but that’s not going to win it for them over the next 75 days. – Congressman Allen West


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