Allen West Positions

Allen believes in protecting social security…
Mr. West cares about the American people. As a Veteran, a Father and a Congressman, he is focused on repairing the future for U.S. taxpayers. Allen focuses on restoring social security to the independent trust fund account. Social security has been wasted in the general operating account. Unemployment rises in America directly affect social security as the account sees fewer payments. Mr. West pushes for private sector growth in order to create jobs and in time, replenish the social security fund. Congressman West will make strides to protect the future of Americans. Donate to our campaign and help us spread the word about Allen West today.
Allen believes in loyalty…
Mr. West is sickened by the disregard the Obama administration has shown towards Israel. As one of our biggest allies, Mr. West is working to make things right with Israel. Allen sees Israel as not only our ally, but as a model for democracy in the Middle East. They are a nation with many enemies and need to be able to count on the U.S. to maintain the peace. Mr. West believes Israel needs a stronger Congressional representative to stand up against terrorism. Allen stands strongly behind Israel. Donate today and support our campaign to assist in re-electing Congressman West!
Mr. West can help Florida’s unemployed…
Congressman West is frustrated by the current state of Florida. He has witnessed the unemployment rate skyrocket under the watch of Democrats. Allen is ready to curb Government spending, create tax cuts and wants to get Florida citizens back to work. He supports going from the progressive tax to a flat tax system for corporations, businesses and individuals. Small businesses must be given the support they need to flourish. This too, is done through incentives and tax cuts. Most importantly, spending must be cut in Washington. Allen is ready to speak his mind and lead the charge. Help Mr. West get our economy back on track, and our people back to work. Donate today to support our campaign in spreading Allen’s message.
A Lieutenant Colonel’s view on defense…
As a retired Lieutenant Colonel for the U.S. Army, Mr. West stands firmly on the issue of defending America. Allen is a Veteran who served in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He understands and values the giant responsibility America has in keeping its people safe. Mr. West believes in staying on the “offensive”, so we are constantly one step ahead of those whom threaten our freedoms. Allen is focused on keeping U.S. Armed forces on track to always be prepared. Mr. West agrees that a peace is best kept through a strong national defense as President Reagan did. Help us spread Allen’s message to keep America safe. Donate today.
Mr. West’s stance on Tax Reform
Congressman West recognizes that our current tax code is a nightmare. American citizens and businesses spend an estimated 6.1 billion hours and $431 billion dollars working to make sure they are in compliance with the current tax code. Congressman West supports creating a flat tax that is easier to understand and easier to pay.

We cannot continue to punish those who work for a living, and that’s what the Obama Administration is set to do. In January, the largest tax increase in American history will be applied to those who work for a living. Congressman West believes this is wrong. He believes that a flat tax system, having citizens taxed only once, is the most fair and easiest system to enforce.

Taxes are job killers. In our current economy, we need more jobs. Our unemployment rate is one of the highest since the Great Depression. American people WANT to work. It is, after all, the American dream. Congressman West recognizes that reducing taxes, simplifying the tax structure, and encouraging job creation is the best way to get people back to work.

Congressman West has stated that he will support three deductions when it comes to taxes: a charitable contribution deduction, a child tax credit, and a mortgage deduction. We want our citizens to have children and own their own homes. Congressman West understands the American dream; a home, a family, a job. With the Government stepping back and allowing a simple tax system it will free up funds to create the jobs needed, and then we then can return to the days of enjoying the American dream.

Mr. West’s stance on Immigration Reform
Congressman West believes that illegal immigration affects all American citizens by effecting healthcare, schools, unemployment, and crime rates. Congressman West believes that our first priority should be to protect our borders and have a serious border patrol program and enforcement policy in place.

Most recently, in the summer of 2012, when the Obama Administration halted the deportation to illegal immigrants under the age of 30 who arrived here before they turned 16, Congressman West spoke out against this. Congressman West called this another example of the Obama Administration overreaching their authority. According to Congressman West, “This should have been brought up as legislation within the Homeland Security Committee both in the House and Senate.”

Healthcare Reform
Congressman West understands that our healthcare system in America is the best in the world but is not without its problems. He believes that the treatment of pre-existing conditions should be addressed, as well as every American having access to and the ability to pay for the services provided.

Obamacare, according to Congressman West, addresses a few of these issues but is, overall, not the route we should be taking as a Country to fix our current healthcare system. As he states, “Obamacare took a few good ideas and loaded them down with thousands of pages of bad ones.”

Congressman West does not believe that all Americans should be forced to purchase health insurance – or pay a tax if they don’t. He also believes that the IRS (and the hiring for thousands of new agents) has nothing to do with fixing healthcare. And he voted to repeal Obamacare time and time again. However, it continues to be held up, against the majority of American’s wishes in the current Democrat controlled Senate.

Congressman West believes that we should replace the current system with reforms that will help the American people by lowering overall costs, encourage wellness (rather than just treating illness) and allowing Americans to make their own choices about healthcare and insurance coverage, including allowing insurance to be purchased across state lines to save Americans money and encouraging healthy competition between insurance providers. He understands the importance of Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts, both of which have come under attack by the Obama Administration and Democrats in the House and Senate. Congressman West believes the American people should be able to save their money, tax free, to pay for their medical expenses.

We need this common sense approach in the US House, and Congressman West is someone who we believe will stand up for the American people and their freedom to choose whatever they want when it comes to their health.

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