Allen West: A hero and honarable man speaks at the Vietnam memorial

by Jim Campbell

How predictably Congressman and warrior Allen West, to give a speech honoring those fallen and wounded in Vietnam while asking a ‘democrat tracker’ to take a hike in a polite way.

Lt. Col. Allen West was speaking at a Vietnam Veterans War memorial yesterday, and in the middle of his speech he spotted the Democrat tracker who constantly follows him around.  

He promptly asked her  to leave because matters like this transcend politics. He said to her “If you have any amount of respect within you, I ask you to leave right now.”  H/T The young cons

The video is jerky the first few seconds until camera is set up.

I wish we could have heard the rest of the speech, but God bless Allen West for wanting to do something to honor our veterans and not publicize it.  Can you imagine Obama ever trying to do something like that?

He is a man who should be shown the utmost respect and gratitude for how he has served our country.  Instead, he is a focal point of attack for Democrats all over the country. He always manages to keep his composure and handle situations with discipline and honor like only a soldier can.


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